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Know Your Customer: 2018 Housing Market Forecast

December 13, 2017


Mark Fleming | Chief Economist | First American Financial Corporation

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Exploring E-close Technology and Processes: Industry Trends and How to Be Ready

October 30, 2017

How many times have you heard that in a few years all your closings will be "e" and with an online notary?  What if we told you that soon after that, eClosing will be ancient history and consumers will be on to the next thing? The mortgage industry is racing to provide consumers with an electronic closing process that helps eliminate big stacks of paper and streamlines the review and closing process. But, how will this impact settlement agents and the way the way they operate? Register for this webinar to learn the industry and consumer trends that will drive demand for new technology in the closing space today, and in the future as technology evolves. You’ll learn the essentials before implementing new technology into your closing process, and how to view emerging technologies in the real estate and mortgage space.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Industry trends along with benefits and challenges of eClosings

  • How to transition into hybrid and eNote closings

  • Implementation of full digital closings and eNotarization

  • Processing times and cost comparison for various closing methods 


  • Eddie Oddo | Vice President, Corporate Business Solutions | First American Title Insurance Co.
  • John Ralston | Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives | Black Knight Inc.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Educating the Most Targeted Threat

September 13, 2017

Over 90 percent of all cyber attacks are successfully executed due to human error, according to leading industry and government reports. Companies are failing to prevent cyber attacks because they fail to address the weakest link in the information security chain: the people. Could your company afford a data breach and potential loss of escrow funds due to an employee mistake? This webinar recording provides information about IT security risks your company faces every day, discusses techniques attackers use to crack your passwords, what to do if you receive a phishing email and how to layer security to avoid falling victim. 


Melissa Ellis | VP/CFO | SME Inc.

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E-closings: Transforming the Mortgage Experience

July 19, 2017

Today, increasing interest from lenders to meet market demand, improve the borrower experience and offer competitive advantage, coupled with collaboration from industry players, has led to a change in tide for e-mortgages. Misconceptions about the process are finding their way out of the dialogue as the industry clamors for speed, certainty and all things digital. Some business partners such as warehouse banks and sub-servicers felt customer demand was limited, while lenders felt the lack of support from business partners is a significant barrier. Title and settlement agents were reluctant to navigate complex lender e-closing systems. Be sure to register for this webinar and hear from the GSEs about the transforming e-mortgage ecosystem, learn about the e-closing process flow and how your company can benefit by delivering a more efficient process for your customers.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Common misconceptions about electronic transactions
  • What today’s e-mortgage looks like
  • The role title and settlement companies play in the process
  • How e-mortgagees can make transactions more efficient and reduce expense
  • Why title and settlement companies need to be ‘e’ ready


Raj Jagani of Fannie Mae

Raj Penugonda of Freddie Mac

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How to Build an Effective Title Insurance Website

June 14, 2017

For title companies today, having a presence on the Internet is the modern equivalent to being listed in the phone book. Your customers expect to easily navigate and find information when they go to your website. Creating a professional website that generates new business and helps you serve existing clients is simpler than you think. Register for this free webinar to learn how to drive more visitors to your website and generate more title orders.

 The webinar will also provide:

  • 3 quick ways to be found in Google
  • 4 easy steps to localize for your market
  • 3 simple tips to drive qualified traffic




Dean Collura | co-founder | TitleTap

Eliot Dill | co-founder and chief marketing officer | TitleTap

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Recruiting Talent: Blueprint for Staffing the Future Title Company

March 23, 2017


Cynthia McGovern | CEO | Orange Leaf Consulting

Daniel D. Mennenoh | President | H.B. Wilkinson Title Co.

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Has the Game Changed? 2017 Housing Market Forecast and Homebuyer Trends

January 11, 2017

Any housing forecasts made in October have been tossed. Unexpected results of a presidential election in November, increased conforming loan limits and the Fed’s decision to raise the federal fund rate for only the second time in a decade have altered market projections. In fact, the Mortgage Bankers Association expects origination volume to decrease 15 percent in 2017. While purchase volume is expected to crack the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 11 years, refinance business is expected to dry up. The webinar also will discuss the types of homebuyers that will drive the market over the next 12 months. Register for this webinar and get a better understanding of the types of title orders that will come in your door during 2017, which will help you dominate a purchase-driven market and provide better service to your Realtor partners.
The webinar will be held from 1:00-2:00 EST, Wednesday, Jan. 11.

The webinar will address:

  • Housing forecast for coming year
  • Profile of buyers and sellers
  • How consumers are searching for homes
  • Regional market performances


Mark Fleming | Chief Economist | First American Financial Corp.

Jessica Lautz | Director, Member and Consumer Survey Research | National Association of Realtors

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