Escrow Accounting Procedures Online Course

During this time of intense government and media scrutiny on the land title industry you must educate your employees regarding proper escrow accounting procedures. Millions of dollars a year flow in and out of your employees’ hands.

The Escrow Accounting Procedures Online Course is an online self-study course which can be completed in approximately two hours.

Course Overview

The course presents a model system of good managerial practices designed to minimize risk in handling escrow funds. The course is comprised of four Educational Modules, each ending with a set of questions to reinforce the course content, and a valuable Resource Guide.

Escrow Accounting Procedures Course Modules

  • Module 1: Escrow Agent - Define fiduciary and how it applies to escrow holders; understand the benefits of handling escrow transactions; and become familiar with basic stewardship issues surrounding escrow transactions.
  • Module 2: Escrow Accounting - Identify the basic elements of internal control; learn steps to limit risks from fraud, forgery, and unauthorized or improper wire transfers; and understand and appreciate the need for sound escrow accounting procedures.
  • Module 3: Good Managerial Practices - Learn the basic elements of general control procedures, including handling incoming and outgoing funds and wire transfers; become familiar with essential records and documents; understand the need for reconciling accounts and see examples of two-way and three-way reconciliations; and identify key duties to be segregated among staff.
  • Module 4: Specific Escrow Control Procedures - Learn procedures for controlling receipts, disbursements and escrow investment accounts; understand the need for legal assistance when dealing with constructions disbursements; and become familiar with escheat - what to look for and what is required.

Bonus Resource Guide

The Escrow Accounting Procedures Course includes a 70+ page Resource Guide which is downloadable and printable. The guide includes:

  1. An introduction to Check 21
  2. An introduction to the USA PATRIOT Act
  3. Sample reconciliation worksheets
  4. Checklists
  5. Glossary of terms

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Certificate of Achievement for Graduates

A suitable-for-framing Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to each student who completes the course with an overall average of 70% or higher.


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