Discriminatory Covenants

ALTA is strongly opposed to any form of housing discrimination and is committed to proactively working toward solutions that protect the property rights of all homeowners.

Heirs' Property

ALTA has brought together industry and outside experts to discuss the various ways industry and government can address the issue of heirs’ property, including how to quantify heirs’ property, how to better leverage estate planning resources, and how to expand access to programs and services for those with heirs’ property.

Non-Title Recorded Agreements for Personal Service

ALTA supports efforts to protect consumers by prohibiting the filing of unfair real estate fee agreements in property records, a practice that creates impediments and increases the cost and complexity of selling, refinancing or transferring real estate.

Serving Consumers and Communities

ALTA is proud to work alongside government and real estate industry partners to protect consumers from threats to their property rights and break down barriers to homeownership – the greatest source of wealth in the United States.

Unregulated Title Insurance Products

ALTA has engaged with the FHFA and government sponsored entities (GSEs) to help them understand the differences between title insurance and alternative products in the coverage and protection they provide.