State Legislative/Regulatory Action Comm

The purpose and scope of work of this committee is to:

  1. Obtain information on a timely basis on state legislative and regulatory proposals affecting the land title industry.

  2. Develop a program regarding the efforts the Association should undertake in connection with a particular state proposal.

    • Summarize the proposal.

    • Summarize the views of title companies operating in the state and state/regional land title association.

    • Include a report on Association staff consultation with the state/regional land title affiliated association.

    • Propose a plan of action to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC).

  3. Implement the plan of action.

    • Each plan of action should be considered and developed by GAC and approved by the Board of Governors.

    • The GAC Chairman shall be kept advised of significant developments and activities.

  4. Describe the Association's efforts in connection with particular matters at the state level by memoranda to GAC and the Board of Governors.

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ALTA Advocacy Summit—the event formerly known as ALTA Federal Conference and Lobby Day—is the premier event that unites ALTA members with federal lawmakers to advance policies that affect American property rights. ALTA Advocacy Summit features round-table discussions and intimate forums on public policies regarding important topics such as title insurance, disclosure, mortgages and taxes.