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Empower Your Operation With Flawless Power

The Navy SEALs, among America's most elite warriors, captured the world's attention earlier this year with their raid inside Pakistan against the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The mission made many wonder what it takes to become a Navy SEAL.

Register now for ALTA's 2011 Annual Convention, being held Oct. 12-15 in Charleston, S.C., for your chance to hear former Navy SEAL Mark "McGoo" McGinnis provide a moving and intense keynote sharing how Navy SEALs train, plan and flawlessly execute missions all over the globe.

Navy SEAL hopefuls go through a grueling six-month regimen, culminating with "Hell Week." The aim is to simulate the extreme stress that fighters experience in battle. Most can't take it. By the end of "Hell Week," 75 percent of would-be SEALs wash out.

So who survives Hell Week? What type of person emerges to be part of SEAL Team 6, which took down Osama bin Laden? It's not who you would think.

McGinnis will explain the tools and techniques Navy SEAL teams use to thrive and survive in rapidly changing and hostile environments. In addition to being on the edge of your seat with his stories, you'll leave knowing how to apply those same tools to any business situation, anytime, anywhere. CLICK HERE to view a sample of this training exercise.

While ALTA members may not be fighting terrorists like the Navy SEALS, our members man another front line by maintaining the integrity of our country's land record system. Never doubt the importance of your mission of maintaining a civil society. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from a true patriot.

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Keep in mind, CE/CLE credits are pending approval in many states for several of the professional development sessions. The Conventions has been approved for 8.25 CLE hours in Louisiana. Check back at www.alta.org/meetings for updates.

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