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American Land Title Association
1800 M Street, NW, Suite 300S
Washington, D.C. 20036-5828

Phone: 202-296-3671 or 800-787-ALTA
Fax: 202-223-5843 or 888-FAX-ALTA

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Please contact any staff member below directly if you need more specific information or assistance. Your ALTA Staff is here to help.

ALTA Executive Team

Chief Operating Officer

Cornelia M. Horner CMP

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 234
Contact Me About: Meetings, Marketing & Membership
Committee Liaison: Finance Committee, Internal Auditing Committee, Investment Committee, Membership and Organization Committee, State Executives, Steering Commitee of Reg/State Affiliated Assoc.

Vice President

Kelly L. Romeo CAE

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 224
Contact Me About: Industry Technology, MISMO, PRIA, ALTA/ACSM Surveys, Policy Forms
Committee Liaison: Education Committee, Forms Committee, Title Insurance, Liaison Committee with the NSPS, National Title Professional Program Council, Real Property Records Committee, State Executives, Technology Committee

Vice President

Jeremy Yohe

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 328
Contact Me About: Title News Editor, Public Relations, Media Liaison, Web site
Committee Liaison: Public Relations Committee

ALTA Support Staff

Director of Grassroots and State Government Affairs

Elizabeth Blosser

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 212
Contact Me About: State Government Affairs, ALTA Grassroots, Title Action Network
Committee Liaison: State Legislative/Regulatory Action Comm, Title Action Network Committee

Membership & Licensing Coordinator

Diana Cavenagh

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 329
Contact Me About: ALTA Policy Forms License Compliance, Membership, Website Login Information, Dues and Renewals

Office Assistant

Embria Davis

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 210
Contact Me About: General Inquiries

Director of Meetings

Lauren Dollerschell

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 229
Contact Me About: Meetings Inquiries

Membership & Licensing Manager

Cande Fudge

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext.
Contact Me About: Membership, Directory Listings, Website Login Information, Dues and Renewals

Senior Counsel

Steve Gottheim

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 230
Contact Me About: Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues, Legal Issues, Best Practices Inquiries
Committee Liaison: Accounting Committee, Title Insurance, Best Practices Executive Committee, Best Practices Task Force, Claims Administration Committee, Liaison Committee with the NAIC, Reinsurance Committee, Title Counsel Committee, Title Industry Political Action Comm., Underwriter Section Executive Committee

Education & Research Manager

Deirdre Green

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 232
Contact Me About: Online Courses and Educational Products, Call for Presentations, NTP Designation
Committee Liaison: Education Committee, National Title Professional Program Council, Research - Abstracter/Agent Subcommittee

Manager of Accounting & Financial Reporting

Jowanda Hipp

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 219
Contact Me About: Accounting Inquiries
Committee Liaison: Investment Committee

Data Operations Assistant

Theresa Johnson

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 332
Contact Me About: ALTA Headquarters Database

Manager of Human Resources

Christina Lambert

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 223
Contact Me About: Office Administration, Human Resources

Licensing & Membership Manager

Whitney Larman

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 333
Contact Me About: ALTA Policy Forms License Compliance, Website Login Information

Director of Political Affairs

Jessica McEwen

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 233
Contact Me About: Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues, TIPAC
Committee Liaison: Title Industry Political Action Comm.

Marketing Manager

Claire Mitchell

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 225
Contact Me About: Marketing, Advertising, Exhibiting, and Elite Provider Inquiries

Director of Technology

Barry Sawyer

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 235
Contact Me About: ALTA Headquarters Technology, ALTA Technology Committee, MISMO
Committee Liaison: Information Security Committee, State Executives, Technology Committee

Director of Member Engagement & Development

Taylor A. Spolidoro

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 231
Contact Me About: Membership, Committees
Committee Liaison: Membership and Organization Committee, State Executives

Director of Public Affairs

Wayne M. Stanley

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 221
Contact Me About: Homebuyer Outreach Program, Media Inquiries, Social Media, Press Releases, Title Action Network (TAN)
Committee Liaison: Homebuyer Outreach Program Committee, International Development Committee, Title Action Network Committee

Director of Digital and Print Media

Shawn Sullivan

Phone: 202-296-3671 Ext. 327
Contact Me About: Title News Production, Advertising, Web site

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