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Join Us September 19 as We Offer Advice to Effectively Communicate Concerns With Proposed Mortgage Disclosure Regulations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) proposed mortgage disclosures and 1,099 pages of regulations could drastically change the closing process and how you conduct business. But the proposed regulations aren’t final. You have a say in the outcome as the CFPB is accepting public comments until Nov. 6.

Join us at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, Wednesday, September 19 for a webinar titled “Making Your Voice Heard: Tips for Providing Public Comments to the CFPB”as we address the key concerns regarding the proposed regulations, share tips on commenting and suggested remarks you should send to the CFPB in order to have an effective impact on the rulemaking process.


  • Richard Horn, senior counsel at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Tim Evans, president of Evans Title and chair of the Title Action Network
  • Marvin Stone, senior vice president of business integration at Stewart Lender Services

The webinar will address:

  • Main industry concerns with proposal
  • Suggested comments
  • Tips on how to effectively comment
  • Why it’s important to act now
  • Why you need to join the Title Action Network to keep up-to-date about the rule and how you can take action

RSVP for the call by emailing conferencersvp@alta.org. Conference call number, web link and access code will be provided in an auto-response email after you send your RSVP.

The webinar will be interactive so you can submit questions through the chat window. There also will be a question and answer session at the end of the call.

Click here for more information about CFPB’s proposal and view all of ALTA’s advocacy efforts regarding the mortgage disclosures.  Click here for previous presentations.

We look forward to speaking with you next week.